Re: The Future of Cohousing
From: Muriel Kranowski (
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 20:23:41 -0800 (PST)
At 02:42 PM 2/6/2011, Racheli wrote:
Are the non-residents actually show up to meetings in which decisions are made? If they are not, it doesn't seem that they can affect decisions a whole lot, since consensus
is done by people who are present, no?
Racheli (Sonora Cohousing, Tucson.)

It isn't necessarily the case, from a legal standpoint, that voting members need to be present in person to participate in consensus - ie, to block, since that's the underlying concern. If the community's bylaws don't specifically require physical presence and prohibit proxy voting or any other voting from a distance, then presumably someone could register a block by phone or email or registered letter or via a person acting as a proxy. Also, your state's relevant laws related to your legal community set-up (condominium, HOA, etc) may not allow you to require physical presence to participate in formal decisions.

If you're in this situation, faced with or afraid of a block by a voting member who lives somewhere else (at a distance) and doesn't attend the meetings, you might want to consult a lawyer as to your options re physical presence being necessary to block.

Shadowlake Village Coho in Virginia

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