Lancaster update, and payment in lieu of work contribution?
From: Fiona Frank (
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 12:40:55 -0700 (PDT)
Dear all,

Lancaster Cohousing is building 34 passivhaus houses and a common house at
Forge Bank on the banks of the Lune River 3 miles outside of the small north
western UK city of Lancaster - plus 6 extra houses for sale at Heron Bank on
the edge of the site, and refurbishing a factory as Halton Mill - managed
offices, studios and workshops.  We have been meeting for five years as many
of you will know...anyway we start our build (finally) on MONDAY! so we are
celebrating. We have sold 32 of the 40 houses and still have a one bedroom
flat, one two-bed house, two three-bed houses, and four Heron Bank houses
(which have car park spaces and private gardens).  We have land for growing,
and an EXTRA five acres of land at the end of our site - it's all getting
very exciting!  Come and join us!

Our question is: we currently have an expectation of 3 hours a week work
contribution from everyone, but some people haven't moved to the area yet
and are finding it difficult (but not impossible) to contribute, and others
have big fulltime jobs and aren't contributing.  Do any of you get people to
contribute in money rather than hours?  Any guidance welcome especially
about overcoming the mild embarrassment in identifying those people, but
then maybe that's because we're English.

love, Fiona in Lancaster, England
fionafrank [at]

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