From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 20:29:57 -0800 (PST)

> Marty Roberts wrote;
> > Coho-L has been more than wonderful, but I find weeding through all
> > the emails tedious and hard to find a topic of current interest
> > and hard to see a discussion all in one place.
> Perhaps try switching away from the digest to individual emails and
> using a threaded view? Or reading online via the archive, in threaded
> view? Like this:
> I think splitting the cohousing list is overkill as a solution.
> > Facebook would allow us to see and add to the discussion all in
> > one place.
> Two places. Unless you propose destroying this list as a way
> to force list members to use facebook, I suspect many people will
> not make the transfer. For that matter, how is facebook better than
> google plus for this exercise? Or PhpBB, mediaWiki, skype or IRC?
> Moz

I personally advise against any CoHoUS interaction via Facebook.
It appears to me that the cookies from Facebook are much more like intestinal 
parasites than any other analogy. The evidence to me is that Facebook collects 
every bit of data it can collect from every computer it can enter, including 
account numbers and passwords, but it never publishes it or shares it except by 
contract with clients, and it never discloses its clients. I am on the edge of 
slowly backing away from and terminating all Facebook linkages personally for 
my own security and that of all my family and friends.
I personally find the Wiki format of Wikipedia very informative and 
non-threatening, although I have no idea about how to create or structure or 
update any wiki based resource system for our use.
In the alternative, I have enjoyed the use of CoHo-L for several years and 
would far rather continue to use CoHo-L as a sole resource than to have any 
linkages through Facebook. When Facebook's ultimate breach and failure occurs, 
it will be resounding and have severe negative financial repercussions as well 
as personal compromises.
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