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From: Kay Wilson Fisk (
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 10:10:48 -0700 (PDT)
We have a similar sized space (called a "game room" by the
architect, though that name doesn't really fit). One wall has a
built-in cabinet with space for a large TV, videotapes, games,
etc. There is a long (6'-8') window seat under a double window on
the opposite wall. We have had the same problem of how to furnish
it. Since we didn't have enough money left to buy new
furnishings, we have found most of our furniture on Craig's List.

There are two conventional armchairs, one in each corner on the
window seat wall, and the rest of the chairs get dragged between
this space and our smaller library space where we have most of
our small meetings.

The chairs that work best for this are the armchairs on wheels,
and at some point we may try to buy more of these. The style we
have is probably from the 80's or 90's. They look pretty beat
down, but here are some that are similar:

It would be even better if they were stacking. Here are some
stacking armchairs with wheels:

However, comfort is the main criteria. We started out watching
movies together, but most of our chairs were too uncomfortable to
sit in for that long, and so we don't do this anymore.

My church uses upholstered wooden stacking chairs that are
extremely comfortable. They work well for church services, and
also for dinners on round folding tables. They look something
like this one:

This style may be the best solution. Here are more:

Or it might be nice to have some if each style. If you find
something you like, I hope you will post the information!

Kay Wilson
Meadow Wood Community

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We are in the process of turning a large space (about 22 x 16
feet) into a multi-purpose room. It isn't connected to the
kitchen, and isn't even in the common house. We are wrestling
with how it can be furnished to serve as a place to view movies,
hear speakers, have yoga classes, hold meetings, and still be a
comfortable living room. Many people are saying they don't want
it to look institutional. Yet if we have comfy living room sofas
and chairs will we be limiting its potential use for large
meetings and movie watching? Does anyone have a room like this?
What do you use it for and what did you do to make it flexible?
Will you send me photos?


Carol Agate
Cornerstone Village Cohousing
Cambridge, MA
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