Re: CommonHouse Fridge?
From: Joey Kimdon (
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 08:48:52 -0700 (PDT)
We have 2 residential fridges, which works well for us since one of them is
a "cook's fridge," with items to be used only for common meals, and a "free
fridge," used for leftovers and other random things from/for community
members. If the cooks need more room, they can use the free fridge if they
label the items.

CoHo Ecovillage
Corvallis, OR
On Oct 6, 2014 4:32 AM, "Ruth Hirsch" <partner-in-healing [at]>

> Hi,
> We are going to have to replace our venerable commercial fridge (bought
> used 1997, approx.)
> We are deciding between two household refrigerators and a commercial one.
> We'd love your input.
> Have you a commercial fridge?
> If so, what brand?
> Is Hobart actually better?
> What do you have  and do you like it? love it?
> Have you residential fridges?
> Are you happy with what you have?
> We love our commercial fridge.  The reasons to consider residential:
> - the noise bothers some folks a lot. (kitchen adjacent to where we have
> meetings.  Having someone unplug fridge bec of noise happens.)
> -  repairs need to be done by someone trained to work on this type
> fridge.  Other folks may not have served us well.
> -  We wonder if,  if we had two residential one,  when we aren't using
> both, if we could unplug/turn one off.  save electricity.
> -warrantee might be less costly (we never have had one one the commercial
> fridge.)
> many thanks,
> Ruth J. Hirsch
> Cantines Island CoHousing
> Saugerties, NY
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