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From: Caity McCardell (
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:06:32 -0700 (PDT)

Apologies for the delay responding to this topic. This is one of my
favorite things we do as part of the Marketing and Orientation Team I'm a
member of.

The way we say Welcome to new residents is (1) easy to coordinate, (2)
meaningful and (3) inexpensive. We like that.

Sometime in the first month or so of the new resident's move-in, we gather
in our yoga studio for an appetizer potluck, then we sit in a large circle
and all attendees answer a question (maybe "what attracted you to
cohousing?" "what is your favorite part of Tierra Nueva," etc.). So there's
a nice foundation of sharing there.

Then the new resident places a small object that represents them, their
lives, their passions, their interests, etc. in a shelf on our yoga
studio's wall. The shelves are in the shape of a house with little units
representing each of the homes in our community.

And then the new resident talks about that small object - how it represents
them, etc.

Then we present the new resident with a basket with a bottle of wine, a map
of the community's avocado trees and a recipe for guacamole. Basically
everything you need to know to live here. :)

That's it. Simple and very welcoming.

As far as goodbyes are concerned, we just ask the person leaving if they
want a goodbye party/gathering. Some don't, which is a much bigger topic.
If they do, their wish is our command - maybe potluck gathering, dance
party, or tequila bash.

~Caity (

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 6:26 AM, Malcom Eva <malcolm [at]> wrote:

> Hello all
> Here at Springhill we have seen some movement this year in and out, and
> are discussing the question of how best to greet newcomers and say farewell
> to leavers.
> I’d be interested to know how you do this in your established cohousing
> communities - do you have any specific rituals/ceremonies to help people
> arrive, and how do you mark people’s leaving, without making them
> uncomfortable?  Are such rituals, where they exist, primarily for the
> individuals concerned, or for the community as a whole?
> I look forward to reading your experiences.
> Best wishes
> Malcolm
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