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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 06:42:35 -0700 (PDT)
On Oct 21, 2014, at 7:58 AM, Tom Smyth <tom [at]> wrote:

> I am also curious about how this will be used for meals. I don't see
> anything on their site about organizing meals. There is booking of
> 'amenities', but a simple booking functionality wouldn't meet our needs I
> think. We need to be able to track different types of signups (kid, adult)
> and then bill according to signup type and overall meal cost.

Bazinga's site is particularly beautiful but non-transparent. I spent a lot of 
time with it yesterday and did find a list of things they do on another site. 
And they do have information here and there but you have to look for it. I 
include below the three services that I looked from a site called:

Capterra: Best HOA software. Lists. Don't think they actually reviewed and 
rated. Just the most used or paid listings.

I included the three I looked at below. They all have a different look and 
feel. The top two are new which means, I assume, that they are based on much 
more current technology and have less baggage in the backend. This means like 
Word, which is slower than it needs to be because of legacy features and 

But the AtHome site is MUCH more informative so you can get an idea of what 
this kind of service can do. I just found the interface clunky and ugly. It's a 
Windows vs Apple touch and feel between the three.

I think for meals, you have to adapt one or more of the many features -- 
calendar, announcements, etc.

Bazinga! Founded 2012  Very social media look. "Connects neighbors." Very smart 
phone centric. Current design and technology.

• Accounting Integration
• Calendar Management
• Committee Management
• Contact Management
• Content Management
• Document Management
• Member Communities
• Member Directory
• Membership Management
• Online Payment Processing
• Owner Management
• Property Database

My Green Condo. 

Same services, but not sure about online condo fee payments. Look and feel is 
of a community service or non-profit organizations. Donates to several 
organizations internationally--descriptions of these on the site.

        • Users/Units Centric
        • Move-in and Move-out eForms 
        • Resident Survey
        • Announcements & Memos
        • Discussion Forums 
        • Community Events & Association Staff Calendars
        • For Sale and For Rent
        • Package Delivery & Tracking
        • Association, Board Members and Resident Reports
        • Condo Work Requests
        • Manage Amenity/Facility
        • Contractor Management
        • Floor Plans
        • Master By-law documents 
        • Association eNewsletters
        • Board information 
        • Condo Information & Procedures
        • Access Control
        • Security Desk
        • Email & Condo Intra-mail
        • Dedicated website 
        • Customized for Association Structures 
        • Video/Audio Conferencing 
        • Processing Invoice

Association Management Website by AtHomeNet
Founded in 1998. Has a video of how the software works online and a long list 
of features.

From their website:

        • Community, Condo & HOA Websites
        • Association Management Websites
        • Accounting Software Integration
        • Online Dues Payment
        • Mobile Web Solutions
        • Voice and Text Alerts
        • FrontDesk Services NEW!
        • Resale Documents
        • Newsletter Builder
        • Business Websites
        • Organization Websites

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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