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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 08:01:48 -0800 (PST)
Somewhere in the menus of your email client (the software on your computer that 
receives and 
displays, and composes and sends your emails) is very likely a setting for 
"Encoding." For most of 
us Western hemisphere Windows-using emailers the more useful options are 
Unicode UTF-7, Unicode 
UTF-8, Western European (Windows) or Western European (ISO).  If both sender 
and receiver are using 
the same encoding the email received will most likely look like that sent.  
With mismatched encoding 
it likely won't.  With the 4 different encodings considered there are 16 
possible combinations, 12 
of which won't match and may look bad.
I don't know what encoding Macs use by default.  Unicode UTF-8 is one Mac 

Michael Barrett - at Shadowlake Village where the sun shining but the 
temperature is 10°.

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not to run this into the punctuation graveyard, but?.
You must have been reading a single post as an email, or at the website?  
Because when you replied, 
the digest had not come through yet.

Sure enough, in the digest, which came through right after I started this, what 
I see is this quoted 
line below (isn?t this true for everyone?)
The apostrophe and all but the last quotation mark were changed to question 
An interesting phenomenon.  I use a thoroughly modern Mac.
I mentioned Ann Z because I saw the question marks in her posts a lot.  ?Tis a 

??.. Here?s a test for this note:  ?don?t!?

cheers with no punctuation marks
Jude (who loved Eats, Shoots & Leaves)

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