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As a white, college-educated millennial, I haven’t faced many
obstacles to being included in the mainstream. I find it exciting and
insightful to see this diversity conversation simmering on the
list-serv and I’m sure in many communities nationwide.

I just came across a Co.Exist article that hit a few nice chords,
critiquing the business-world of the sharing economy for a lack of
inclusivity. The piece is focused on the sharing economy, which I’d
consider as one of the most wonderful facets of community life that
cohousing facilitates. Where else but in cohousing can you ask for a
spare iPhone charger and have three to pick from on your porch in a
few hours?

"By removing or reducing barriers such as ownership costs and complex,
inflexible distribution networks, sharing economy models have
incredible potential to enable much greater access to crucial goods
and services for people and communities who have often been excluded
from or are unable to meet their needs through more traditional
models. We have reached a critical point where sharing economy
companies seeking to maintain their license to operate and grow will
need to work with interested parties to strive for inclusivity."

Here’s the article:

Jenny Godwin

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