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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 07:39:07 -0700 (PDT)
I think she is looking in the “other” SW Washington.
The evergreen state :)

> On Oct 17, 2017, at 6:47 PM, Thomas Lofft <tlofft [at]> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 1:31 PM, Mary Baker, Solid Communications <mary [at] 
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>  We're looking at lifestyle choices for my 88-year-old Dad. He's lived on 
> this farm all his life but can't take care of it anymore. Ideally, he would 
> like to stay here, but we want to consider other options too. Frankly I'm 
> bored and lonely here, so if he does decide to sell, I'm thinking a cohousing 
> might be the best choice for both of us. Mixed-age cohousing with senior care 
> or amenities would be ideal.
>  Suggestions?
>  Mary
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> Mary,
> I am thinking one option is to solicit interest for developing your father's 
> farm as a new cohousing community, to bring in 30-40 new communitarian 
> households to take over care, maintenance and management of the farm and 
> property while they move through the rigors of new community development, 
> presuming that such may be possible in that location.
> Among many examples I might offer are Blueberry Hill Cohousing in Vienna, VA, 
> where the family developed a cohousing community on its organic vegetable 
> farm and built homes for four family members, kept the best agricultural land 
> for maintaining the farm, sold homesites to several other joiners and close 
> to 20 years later, it's still a thriving intergenerational cohousing 
> community and very active agricultural enterprise.
> Potomac Vegetable Farms<>
> Organic farm offering subscription shares. News, recipes, and a description 
> of their produce. Vienna.
> Another example is Liberty Village, MD which acquired a 27 acre rural area 
> historic homestead, the last remaining remnant of a 600 acre land grant from 
> the 1600's, financed it as an improved property instead of raw land, and 
> created a partnership of 23 households to co-develop the property as a 
> thriving cohousing community which now has 18 multigenerational homes, and 
> several younger newcomers who have moved in to join the remaining seniors of 
> the original settlers, revitalizing the community with 24 energetic 
> youngsters. All families are welcome here and we're moving forward to build 
> another ten new homes. Lots of space for gardens and wanderers.
> Tom Lofft
> Liberty Village, MD
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