Re: Friendly Audit / Accountant or CPA Advice Needed
From: Liz Ryan Cole (
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 18:53:36 -0700 (PDT)
I am away from email until Friday night Sept 7.  

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> Hi,At Southside Park Cohousing, in Sacramento, CA we self-manage our HOA 
> including our bookkeeping, accounting and taxes. Wonderful, dedicated 
> volunteers do the books, etc, but they have no formal training, so we 
> (including them) are seeking someone to: look at how we are keeping the 
> books; make sure it makes sense and if not recommend changes to the way we do 
> it; and make sure we aren't doing anything unintentionally totally wrong. 
> I've been trying to research what we need is called and where we'd find 
> someone to hire to do this. I assume we need a CPA?  And I'm guessing we need 
> an audit, although the intent might be different than a typical audit?  
> However, I've also discovered that there are many different types of 
> financial review and don't know what level we need.  I've gone through the 
> archives and it seems some communities have hired people to do something 
> similar, but they didn't say what exactly the service was or how they chose 
> who to hire for it.  In terms of costs related to audits mentioned in the 
> archives, I've seen a range from $500 to $5000- a huge range!  I'm not sure 
> what accounts for the difference.
> I'd really appreciate any advice or recommendations along with approximate 
> costs.
> Thanks!
> Lamaia PS- I contacted ECHO-CA and we aren't members so they won't advise us.
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