Two more free Sciocracy Overview classes - April 13 & 16
From: Diana Leafe Christian (
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 09:06:10 -0700 (PDT)
Hello everyone,

I recently offered two free Sociocracy Overview classes for next week. They 
filled up to capacity so quickly my business partner and I are offering the 
same two classes on Tuesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 16.
        5-7 pm Pacific Time,  6-8 pm Mountain,  7-9 pm Central,  8-10 pm 
The classes give a sense of how sociocracy works and how it can benefit a 
cohousing community (or a forming group), and two useful sociocracy processes 
people can use in meetings.
        The class on Tues, April 13 is a brief sociocracy overview, and the 
process "Selecting People for Roles" (called "elections" by some), an easy, 
fair, transparent way to help a group to select people for roles for their 
committee or team or for the whole group. We'll practice this in the class.
        The second class on Thurs, April 16 will give further sociocracy 
overview and the process I call "Role-Improvement Feedback," an easy, 
transparent, good-will way to help people in these roles enhance and develop 
their skills in these roles. We'll demonstrate this in the class. 
        These two meeting processes reinforce and mutually benefit each other. 
If you do the one process, it's easier  if you also do the other. If you chose 
someone for a role (with a specific term-length, always), it's more enjoyable 
to choose them for that role because you know you and your teammates can help 
them get even better in doing it, for everyone's benefit. After you've helped 
someone get better in their role, you know whether you might want to suggest 
them for the same role again in the future, as they're now "well-trained" by 
their friends in the group.
        People who register for the classes get the Zoom link and a video and 
handouts to help prepare for the first class; same for the second class. The 
registration site:
        We're offering the classes to give a sense of sociocracy, and as an 
example of we offer in our 10-week online Sociocracy Training starting May 10. 
Here's more about that course and where to register for it.
       All good wishes,
       Diana Leafe Christian
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