Looking for 3-6 month rental
From: Suzanne Mitchell (smitchell1979alumni.unc.edu)
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 07:45:08 -0700 (PDT)
Greetings, all. I've been lurking on this list for several years, but never
posted before. I've been interested in cohousing for decades, and would now
like to rent a home in a cohousing community to see if that's a good fit
for my next chapter.

 I'm recently retired from a career as a health care lawyer and long-term
care advocate. For the last 18 years I worked for the State of Texas,  and
lived in both Houston and Austin. Originally I'm from NYC; went to high
school in South Florida,  college in North Carolina   and law school in Ann
Arbor MI; and have also spent many years living in Chicago and Pennsylvania.

Ideally,  I would love to find a furnished place:
*that is available starting in May or June
*that is a multi-generational community
*where I can bring 2 dogs (a great Pyrenees/ yellow Labrador mix and a
golden retriever mix - both gentle and good around cats,  if you have any
that need to be taken care of)

I'm open re location, although it would be especially lovely if I could be
in the Northeast (VT, ME, MA, NH, NY, PA, VA?).

Thank you so much!
Suzanne Mitchell
Austin TX
smitchell1979 [at] alumni.unc.edu
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