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First off we do not vote. Second we go through an elaborate process
approved by the City wher we meet and review applicants and pass along
our recommendations to the seller who makes the actual decision.

Zev Paiss
Boulder, CO

On  Mon, 19 Apr 2021  Diana Carroll <dianaecarroll [at]> wrote:

>Zev, the unusual and discomfiting is the part where the neighbors get to
>vote on who gets to buy. That practice...does not have a good history in
>our country.
>When Mosaic first started selling units, the town ran a lottery as to who
>could buy the affordable units. We didn't get to pick them. (Not that there
>actually WAS a lottery because there were fewer buyers than units because
>2008. :( ). Now that it's resales, the seller can pick which offer to
>accept, just like with any other sale. (In reality, that doesn't
>'s very hard to qualify to buy one of the affordable units, so
>the odds that there would be two qualified buyers at once is very very
>low.) We, the condo association, never get to pick who gets to buy a house,
>which is exactly as it should be.

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