Speakers needed
From: Karen Gimnig (karencohousgmail.com)
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 11:19:24 -0700 (PDT)
CohoUS will be offering two more online conferences for 2021 and we're
looking for speakers for both of them.  Sessions may be presentations that
offer information, or can be facilitated discussions accessing the hive
mind of the broader cohousing community.  Either way, we need a speaker to
submit a proposal and bring the session into being.

Not a speaker, but know someone great, please invite them to submit a

Submit sessions here

Read on for more detail of what we are looking for.

Aug 29, 2021 - Cohousing Over Time - Submissions due by June 20
This event will focus on topics of interest to communities that have lived
together for ten years or more.  Some examples of topics we are looking for
- Physical maintenance: getting the work done
- Teams, work expectations and requirements
- Resale best practices
- Attracting families
- Integration of new residents
- Maintaining relationships with members who have moved on
- Policies: Keeping them current, relevant and complete
- Adjusting to the pandemic
- Email overload
- Different parenting styles
- Different values
- Ways to solve conflicts
- Reserves
- Lessons learned for long term community

October  23, 2021 Cohousing Affordability
Sessions here can be about anything that supports affordability in
cohousing.  Some examples:
- Building more affordably
- Alternative models for creating cohousing, life use of existing housing
- Cost savings in existing neighborhoods
- House sharing and housemates
- Reverse mortgages

Karen Gimnig
Communications Director
The Cohousing Association of the US
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