Re: Last Chance to Register - Cohousing Affordability
From: Barbara Smith (
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 11:57:04 -0700 (PDT)
 I don't know if anyone has contacted you from Hager Homestead, now ready to 
break ground in Littleton, MA. The local planning board required us to make 40% 
of our units affordable (at various levels, from 60% of HUD's Average Mean 
Income for the region to 150% of AMI.) We had  wanted some affordable units but 
the 40% exceeded anything in Massachusetts that was built without subsidies 
from the state or federal government. So the homeowners footed the bill. It has 
been a wrenching process...which is why I'm not sure I recommend it as an 
example for your event. The cost of the units is just crushing. Anyway -- we 
are providing affordable units, but I'm not sure I could recommend it.Have a 
good event tomorrowBarbara

    On Friday, October 22, 2021, 11:23:43 AM EDT, Laurie Lauer <lauriecohous 
[at]> wrote:  
 Last chance to register. Don't miss Cohousing Affordability this Saturday. Get 
your registration in now to assure your spot and connect with us. 
Note: CohoUS partners need not register. Contact your community contact person 
to set up your partner user account. 
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Laurie Lauer
Office Admin / Outreach <>

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