Re: Roof Top Solar -Federal Tax Credit Question
From: Katie Henry (
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 09:45:56 -0800 (PST)
We're having geothermal heat/AC installed, which is also eligible for the tax 
credit. The installer gave us a breakdown of how the system capacity is 
allocated by unit size (unit A = xx tons, unit B = yy tons, etc.). When 
construction is complete, the installer will provide each homeowner with a form 
to file with our taxes to claim our share of the tax credit. 

We're still figuring out how to handle the tax credit for the common house. My 
inclination would be to split it 36 ways between the homes, which the 
geothermal installer has done for other projects and is willing to do for us, 
but our tax guy says it will have to be claimed by the HOA. This is a bummer 
because the common house is considered a commercial space and the tax credit is 
at a lower rate - 10% instead of 26%. I feel like there is room for 
interpretation here. 

Will your solar system be servicing specific homes? Or just the common areas? 
If just common areas, you may bump into the commercial/residential issue as 

Katie HenryHeartwood Commons - Tulsa

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