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Re: competing special needs
         REPLIES FROM:  Joanie Connors-28894, melanie
         griffin-28896, Mariana Almeida-28898, Sharon
         Villines-28899, Kay Argyle-28906, James Kacki-28907,
         Fred H Olson-28909, melanie griffin-28914

Re: affordable, rental cohousing!
         REPLY FROM:  R.N. Johnson-28912

meeting nonstandard needs (was  Non-standardized houses?)
         FROM:  Kay Argyle-28891

New construction - cost allocation   FROM:  JACOB DYE-28897

Re: Non-standardized houses?
         REPLIES FROM:  Robert Heinich-28886, Joelyn
         Malone-28890, Bruce McKinney-28893, Rob Sandelin-28913

Small Cohousing Units [was Tiny homes info]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-28919

Tiny homes info   FROM:  Michael Whitman-28918

Was What is co-housing really? Now--Does cohousing require and attitude 
         FROM:  Dave and Diane-28904

What is co-housing really?   FROM:  Cindy T-28900
         REPLIES FROM:  Gerald Manata-28901, Liz Ryan Cole-28902,
         Kristen Simmons-28903, Sharon Villines-28905, Richard L
         Kohlhaas-28908, Elizabeth Magill-28911, Craig
         Ragland-28916, Tim Mensch-28917

What is diversity really? [Was What is co-housing really?]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-28910
         REPLIES FROM:  balaji-28915, Gerald Manata-28932,
         Elizabeth Magill-28934

What's an example of diversity in Cohousing (was Re: What is co-housing really?
         FROM:  Dirk Herr-Hoyman-28920
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-28921

diversity   FROM:  Anne Fleck-28924

Re: The point of diversity
         REPLY FROM:  William New-28926

Diversity -- Income Levels in Cohousing
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-28927

specific retreat idea's   FROM:  juva-28887
         REPLIES FROM:  Joanie Connors-28888, Sharon

Re: Very Quick Question - Cohousing Research Funding
         REPLY FROM:  Craig Ragland-28892

Re: Wikis and Cohousing Website Members Area, etc. (was, ironically: Very Quick 
         REPLIES FROM:  John Faust-28923, Craig Ragland-28925,
         Rob Sandelin-28929, John Faust-28930, Joelyn

Role for national co-housing organizion in disaster prep?
         FROM:  Donald J Westlight-28933
         REPLY FROM:  Catya Belfer-Shevett-28935

September issue of Cohousing Magazine   FROM:  Donna Freiermuth-28928

Arboretum Cohousing Movein!!!   FROM:  Dirk Herr-Hoyman-28885

Daybreak Cohousing in Portland is under construction!
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-28922

Two homes for sale at Stone Curves Cohousing in Tucson, AZ
         FROM:  NetiPotLady-28895
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