diversity / communal food buying / disaster prep.
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What is diversity really?   FROM:  naomi meyer-28944
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-28945, Gerald
         Manata-28946, Ambrose McNibble-28948, Susan
         Coberly-28952, Fred H Olson-28954

Diversity and Cultural Competence   FROM:  seaseal-28949
         REPLY FROM:  Ambrose McNibble-28950

Role for national co-housing organizion in disaster, prep?
         FROM:  Donna Freiermuth-28936
         REPLIES FROM:  Robert Heinich-28937, Sharon

Re: Cohousing and disaster prep
         REPLIES FROM:  Lynn Nadeau-28939, katie-henry-28940

Communal food buying   FROM:  R.N. Johnson-28955
         REPLIES FROM:  Judith Rosen-28956, G. Campbell-28957,
         Rob Sandelin-28958, Jean Hafner-28959

Re: New construction - cost allocation
         REPLY FROM:  Jim Snyder-Grant-28941

Call for Articles, Communities #142: Festivals and Gatherings
         FROM:  Communities-28960

Northern California Cohousing reception Saturday evening at San Mateo EcoVillage
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-28943
         REPLY FROM:  Bonnie Fergusson-28947

Re: What are your Forming Group's needs that an Established
         REPLY FROM:  R.N. Johnson-28942

Dene Peterson Workshop, Sat. Sept. 13th   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-28951

Eugene, Oregon   FROM:  Martin Henner-28953

Green Open House this Sunday in Berlin, MA
         FROM:  Diana Carroll-28961
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