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Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 05:26:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Re: Common House Use Proposal
         REPLIES FROM:  Eris Weaver-32910, Sharon Villines-32913,
         Wayne Tyson-32917, Naomi Anderegg-32920, Wayne
         Tyson-32921, Eris Weaver-32925, Kay Argyle-32926, Kay
         Argyle-32936, Fred H Olson-32939, Wayne Tyson-32942,
         Jerry McIntire-32946

CH use rules -   FROM:  kkudia-32911
         REPLIES FROM:  Wayne Tyson-32916, Sharon Villines-32957,
         Wayne Tyson-32958

Common House Use Guidelines   FROM:  John Goldberg-32914
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-32915

CommonHouse use   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-32932
         REPLY FROM:  Eris Weaver-32933

An example of Common House Use policies   FROM:  Bree Kalb-32952
Good human beings   FROM:  Mary English-32944
         REPLY FROM:  Wayne Tyson-32945

Rules    FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-32912
         REPLIES FROM:  list-32918, Wayne Tyson-32919, Wayne
         Tyson-32922, bonnie Fergusson-32923
         Sharon Villines-32924, Kay Argyle-32929,
         list-32930, Wayne Tyson-32931, Wayne Tyson-32940

Re: Communication Social and Anti-social?
         REPLY FROM:  Jerry McIntire-32956

Communication Social and Anti-social? Was: Common House Use Proposal
         FROM:  Wayne Tyson-32954

common house use policies   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-32949

Tiny Houses in Business News   FROM:  melanie griffin-32950
         REPLY FROM:  Wayne Tyson-32955

Topic drift, subj lines and excess quoting
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-32943

volunteer labor?   FROM:  Audrey Watson-32909

A cohousing mention   FROM:  Jessie Kome-32948

Belfast cohousing featured on WCSH   FROM:  Fred H Olson-32935

Control over admission of new members   FROM:  David Entin-32927
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-32928

Stand out in our Crowd at the 2011 Cohousing Conference in DC June 15-19: 
Sponsorships, Exhibit Tables & Program Ads
         FROM:  Barbara Bansenauer-32937
         REPLIES FROM:  Raines Cohen-32938, Georgette Vigil-32941

Fare Wars are your friend: Deals for National Cohousing Conference travel
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-32947

3 BR for sale at New View cohousing, Acton MA.
         FROM:  Jim Snyder-Grant-32951

Home for sale - Price Reduced   FROM:  Nancy Greenleaf-32934

Long-term rental at Hearthstone in Denver
         FROM:  Patty Hodgins-32953

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