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How can we have a successful national conference and respect the hotel boycott 
at the same time?
         FROM:  Susan-32974
         REPLIES FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-32984, Richart Keller-32985,
         Moz-32986, Richart Keller-32987, Wayne Tyson-32988,
         Wayne Tyson-32989, Richart Keller-32990, Doug
         Chamberlin-32991, Ingram  Paperny-32992, Catya
         Belfer-32993, Donna Niemann-32994, Shanique Jones-32995,
         Jessie Kome-32996, Liz Ryan Cole-32997, Shanique
         Jones-32999, Grace Kim-33002

Conference and unions   FROM:  Marian-33000
         REPLY FROM:  Amy Leach-33001

National Conference   FROM:  David Entin-33003

         REPLIES FROM:  Don Marti-33009, Richard L.
         Kohlhaas-33011, Diane-33014

Re: Fare Wars are your friend: Deals for National Cohousing Conference travel
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-32967

Referral to a Caterer in Washington DC area?
         FROM:  Neil - (Coho/US)-32961
         REPLIES FROM:  Donna Niemann-32968, Richart Keller-32969

Re: Referral to a Caterer in Washington DC area? Correction
         REPLY FROM:  Richart Keller-32973

Reminder: 2011 Natl Cohousing Conference registration prices increase at 
midnight on May 31, 2011
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-33004

Take a cruise during the conference for just $7
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-32970
         REPLIES FROM:  Kristen Simmons-32959, kkudia-32960

Re: Common House Use Guidelines
         REPLY FROM:  Kay Argyle-32964

The Future of Cohousing   FROM:  Zev Paiss-33005
         REPLIES FROM:  PattyMara Gourley-33007, Ingram

More Affordable Cohousing Models   FROM:  Jenny Guy-33012

Cohousing in Unique Structure Tornado near Fred
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-32975
         REPLIES FROM:  R Philip Dowds-32976, Wayne Tyson-32977,
         Jennifer Ryan-32981

Howe school   FROM:  James Kacki-32978
         REPLIES FROM:  R Philip Dowds-32979, Wayne Tyson-32980

Re: Communication Social and Anti-social?
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Argyle-32962, Moz-32963, Wayne
         Tyson-32965, Wayne Tyson-32966

32% of French interested Collaborative Housing
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-32998

Experience with co-housing units turning over to immediate family members
         FROM:  Mary Vallier-Kaplan-33013

Regenerative Leadership, Sustainability and Permaculture Certification
         FROM:  Common Circle Education-33015

Sustainability in Motion Bicycle Tour to Organic Farms and Ecovillages
         FROM:  Vladislav Davidzon-33016

FREE Introduction to Permaculture Training Call w/ Larry Korn and Vladislav 
         FROM:  Common Circle Education-33017

CA Townhome For Sale   FROM:  Kathleen Allen-33010

Home for sale at Hundredfold Farm cohousing in Pennsylvania
         FROM:  Lorraine Mazza-32983

Unit for sale at Puget Ridge cohousing, Seattle
         FROM:  Kathleen Groshong-32971

Units available in Winslow Cohousing, Bainbridge Island, WA
         FROM:  Audrey Watson-32972

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