Mortgage lenders and cohousing
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Article by John Robbins about "Thrive"   FROM:  Fred H Olson-34933

How Regular Condos Are Thinking Like Cohousing
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-34956

Re: Land Use on Coho Acreage
         REPLIES FROM:  Jerry McIntire-34929, John
         Sechrest-34930, Sharon Villines-34932

Mortgage lenders and cohousing   FROM:  Lautner, Patricia-34935
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34936, Don Benson-34937,
         Lyle Scheer-34938, Sharon Villines-34939, Holly
         McNutt-34940, Lautner, Patricia-34941, Don Benson-34942,
         Lautner, Patricia-34943, Don Benson-34944, Ann
         Zabaldo-34945, Holly McNutt-34946, Lyle Scheer-34948,
         Doug Chamberlin-34949, R Philip Dowds-34951, Doug
         Huston-34952, R Philip Dowds-34954, Holly McNutt-34955,
         Sharon Villines-34957, Jim Edwards-34959, Fred H
         Olson-34960, Fred H Olson-34961, Fred H Olson-34962,
         Thomas Lofft-34963, Sharon Villines-34964

Mortgage lenders and cohousing - Again, it's all in a label
         FROM:  Thomas Lofft-34950

Mortgage lenders   FROM:  John Leet-34953

New and is there Cohousing in the OC?   FROM:  Marieke Hensel-34958

Raise funding with Kickstarter   FROM:  Marieke Hensel-34965

Request for Guidance re Equity and other Finance Issues
         FROM:  vaness32-34931
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34934, R.N. Johnson-34947
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