Project Approval by FHA or FNMA
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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 06:37:03 -0700 (PDT)
Cohousing-L msg summary for Aug 29 to Sep  5 2012, msg# 34966 - 34981
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Call for  Articles: Communities #158: Affordability
         FROM:  Communities Editor-34976

Cohousing lecture sponsored by the Seattle Architecture Foundation
         FROM:  Grace Kim-34971

Re: Energy and Idealism
         REPLIES FROM:  Jenny Guy-34966, Jenny Guy-34967

Habitat for Humanity Eco-Village using a co-housing model
         FROM:  LasiewiczN-34979

Re: New and is there Cohousing in the OC?
         REPLY FROM:  Carol Agate-34977

On the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Bus Tour: Blueberry Hill
         FROM:  kori majeed-34972

Participation, Ant Research, and Workshare.
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-34970

Project Approval by FHA or FNMA   FROM:  Pat Elliott-34978
         REPLIES FROM:  R Philip Dowds-34980, Fred H Olson-34981

Reintegrating non-participating households
         FROM:  R.N. Johnson-34968
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34969, Fred H Olson-34974

Ride request from Daybreak Cohousing to downtown Portland OR, 15 Sept
         FROM:  andrea-34975

Thank you Sharon   FROM:  Fred H Olson-34973
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