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From: Edwin Veltman (
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:03:25 -0600 (MDT)

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Temescal Creek is a one-year-old, 8-unit community in the Temescal
neighborhood in north Oakland, California. An adjacent house is being
remodeled, and the owners are willing to negotiate and sell right now,
before putting the property on the market. We are looking for a
buyer/investor who is interested in co-housing.

Our vision is to create and live in a strong community
that fosters harmony with each other,
with the larger community and with the environment.
Each family lives in an individual unit,
and we share laundry facilities, garages and organic gardens.
We have community meals several times per week,
help raise each other's children,
and hope to have a positive influence on our neighborhood.
We plan to have a shared common house soon.
The members of our group share a passion for social justice,
ecologically friendly living, and building community through work and play.
As a group, we have many years of experience in nonprofit work
and community building.
Our community consists of nine adults and six children (aged 4 months to 5
years) who own the properties as tenants-in-common, plus six

This  adjacent house is a one-story commercial/residential combination. It
has a large one-room office with full bathroom in the front. The
residential flat in the back is wheelchair accessible and has two large
bedrooms, a medium-size living room, dining room, bath and kitchen. There
are three off-street parking spaces and a small, private yard. This
property is located close to public transportation and the Rockridge and
Piedmont shopping areas. It provides a commercial rental income of $700-900
from the front office, and the flat fits a family with one or two children,
or two to three roommates. The property is also a good investment for
somebody wishing to own rental property. It would benefit greatly from
joining the spacious common area and gorgeous garden of our fun, friendly
community. Price is to be determined, and if an offer is made quickly the
buyer may take charge of the remodeling process. Our group is looking for a
buyer who is genuinely interested in community, shares our vision and
goals, and will commit to removing the fences between our properties and
sharing space and time with us - and possibly even merging the properties
in the future.

Are you interested?
Please call Andrea Veltman at 510-601-5512 or Karen Hester at 510-654-6346
or send an e-mail to edwin_veltman [at]

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