Rare: Three Homes Available in Cohousing in Sacramento, CA
From: John Goldberg (johngoldberghotmail.com)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 15:37:55 -0700 (PDT)
Please forward to those wanting to live in Cohousing near downtown Sacramento, 

All three of these places are really only word of mouth. Not officially listed 
so there's no place you can go on the internet to see pictures of them, but 
here's our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SouthsideParkCohousing/ for 
pictures of the community.

We are near downtown Sacramento on a wonderful tree-lined street near a park 
with a pool and the best playground in the area.

Downtown living in intentional community – 3 openings at Southside Park 
Cohousing 5th & T streets (1 block from park & great playground):

For sale:

4 bedroom + office and 2 bathroom house ($550k)--this is one of 5 larger 
houses, first 1 to turnover in 16 years, FSBO so far -- contact Sean Clancy 
<seanjclancy [at] gmail.com<mailto:seanjclancy [at] gmail.com>>;

1 bedroom flat ($329k) contact Diana Salter <dianasaltmill [at] 
gmail.com<mailto:dianasaltmill [at] gmail.com>>.

For rent soon and sale maybe next year. (Not listed anywhere else): 2 bedroom, 
1 1/2 bath townhouse ($2,190 per mo.) contact Sam Delson <samdelson [at] 
gmail.com<mailto:samdelson [at] gmail.com>>.

Raise kids or live in a community with them & others—clubhouse, common meals, 
bike sheds—very COVID careful now, of course.

John Goldberg, MBA

When you recognize that discovering truth is more important than proving 
yourself right, you realize that being wrong teaches you something new. And if 
you accept and embrace that newness, you have a much better chance of actually 
being right. - Don Lincoln
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