Connecting in Cohousing - more session offerings!
From: Laurie Lauer (
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 11:28:38 -0700 (PDT)
Here are some more of the great sessions being offered during the CohoUS 
"Connecting in Cohousing" online event this Sunday, April 18. 

Register today at 
Session 3 

Decision Bingo with Karen Gimnig

There is a good bit of complexity in collaborative decision-making.  This 
session will review many elements to consider when deciding who will make 
decisions and how those decisions will be made using a tool Karen calls 
“Decision Bingo”.  Check back here for a printable bingo card and bring your 
dry beans for makers.  This is going to be fun!

Care and Counsel in Cohousing with Gina Simm

A Menu of Offerings to Keep Ourselves Connected: I will present a comprehensive 
view of how connection in community can be sustained through a formalized 
system of social/emotional offerings. Attendees will gain a sense of how the 
community is being cared for from both the point of view of individuals in 
distress and of the community at large. This presentation is for anyone 
interested in how we attend to the emotional pulse of the community.

Eldering in Community with Laird Schaub

Many people aspire to make the lessons they’ve collected over the course of 
their lifetime available to others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll 
be asked, or will be able to find a suitable venue to share it. Ouch! In this 
workshop we’ll unpack the dimensions of Eldering through these subtopics: 
Dearth of Ritual, No Broom to Jump, It’s a State of Mind, It Takes Patience, 
Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring, Turning Over Your Work to Others, 
Downshifting, Know What You Don’t Know, Low Threshold of Delight, The Dynamics 
of Social Capital, Intergenerational Challenges
Create or Refresh your Community through Structured Conversations with Sarah 

The attendees will participate in structured sharing in groups of three and in 
the large group as a way to deepen relationships. We will explore different 
kinds of questions and structures, based on the work of Peter Block, Community: 
the Structure of Belonging, 
that enable people to experience closeness with each other. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Laurie Lauer
Office Admin / Outreach <>
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