Free zoom skills training starts Tuesday
From: Fiona Frank (
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2021 01:04:21 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, here at Lancaster cohousing in the U.K. we’ve been using Zoom like
everyone else for lots of different things . When the pandemic started,
 for my paid work  I had been organising events (concerts, talks and
festivals) and we ended up putting them all online , so I spent a couple of
weeks learning everything I could about Zoom and then started regular
training sessions open to anyone  . I’ve led zoom tech teams for
international Klezmer music  festivals, climate conferences, small
workshops and even run tech for Jewish funerals and memorial events and
love sharing what I’ve learned !  ..... so ...

Ever thought there might be some features of zoom you’re not using in your
zoom meetings? Want to know about whiteboards, breakout rooms, security
settings, waiting rooms, screen and sound sharing, sound settings for
music, registration or attendance reports ? Or just how to set up meetings
and invite your friends and family?

I’m starting up my friendly free Zoom training sessions on Tuesdays again
from this week ,  (2-4 pm London time, 9 am New York time) hosted by Halton
Mill: co-working, studios, & event space zoom account - different levels
(‘Zoom for the terrified’, standard - for all - and advanced). Free, open
to all, small classes, donations invited which will (after admin costs
covered) be split between The Trussell Trust supporting food banks
nationally, and Preston windrush generation and descendants uk COVID-19
Community Response providing a hot meal for elderly and vulnerable members
of Preston’s Caribbean community.

Book and more info at

And  please share to others delivering zoom for cohousing , community,
activism, teaching, family, music, small business or other settings !

Best wishes
Fiona Frank
Lancaster Cohousing U.K.
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