Re: Info Requested: Teams & Governance Structures
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Mon, 3 May 2021 11:09:09 -0700 (PDT)

You may find our Teams agreement 
<> helpful.


Mac Thomson

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> On May 1, 2021, at 8:28 PM, Ellis Cohen <e.cohen [at]> wrote:
> Bay State Commons is a 30-unit urban cohousing community in development close 
> to Boston.  We're about 9 months away from move-in, and in the midst of 
> planning what our teams and governance structure are going to look like once 
> we move in.
> As part of our planning, I'm collecting information about how other cohousing 
> communities are organized.  I'd appreciate getting (a link to) info about the 
> specific teams/committees defined by your community (and if you're using 
> sociocracy or some other multilevel structure, how they're structured).  I'll 
> be putting together a summary document with all the info I receive (unless 
> you let me know you want something to be private), and I'll post a link to it 
> here when I'm done.
> If you have time, any additional information would be helpful as well, such as
> * If you use sociocracy (or some other multilevel structure), how did you 
> decide what your top-level teams should be?
> * If you have HOA officers or an HOA board, how do they integrate with the 
> rest of your governance structure?
> * Who plans the agenda for your community meetings?
> * How does your community determine which decisions are left to teams, and 
> which need to be made by the entire community?
> * If a community member has a concern about how a team is functioning, how a 
> decision has been made, or about the governance structure as a whole, how is 
> that handled?
> * Anything else? -- e.g. what works and doesn't work?
> Thanks
>   -- Ellis Cohen, Bay State Commons
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