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Date: Tue, 4 May 2021 08:29:38 -0700 (PDT)
So precious! I bet she will really enjoy it!!!! Would love an update later.

 In one of my first apartments off campus during college I was blessed to
have half the community that were elderly and it was one of my best living
experiences to date.

 Living around older people is awesome for younger people. They showed me
how to shop for quality on a bargain, how to use coupons. They showed me
how to cook in small portions and how to save leftovers. Many of them would
leave recipes on my door lol the old lady across the hall was single and
wheelchair bound. She was my cut buddy. Instead of riding the bus she liked
to call me so we could ride the van around shopping together. ( You know,
that disabled van where it's usually just you and the driver) My "job" was
to keep her skirts raised so they wouldn't get stuck in the spokes of her
wheel chair. She loved to wear dresses and was very fashionable. We used to
laugh and act like we were high class ladies with a driver lol and when the
pizza man came to deliver her pizza she always took 2-3 slices out and told
the delivery guy to drop the rest of the pizza off at my door. I LOVED
LOVED LOVED Ms. barbara. I was a young black girl and she was an old white
lady. We were best buddies!!!! People knew that was my homegirl. I ran
errands for her to get her medication or the burrito she liked from Harris

My only issue......beware....these new best friends might not be around as Barbara had a fall. She would fall often and bang on her wall
that we share. I would easily call men in the community or the ambulance to
help her. That last fall she had....I thought it was routine.....I called
her in the hospital and we laughed like school girls about her fall and how
carlos was too hungover to be much help but tom came and Tom is a riot,
bless his heart lol was so routine and normal that when they said
she had to have another surgery I didn't say a final goodbye. I told her I
would be there when the van dropped her off so I could keep her hospital
gown from getting stuck in the spokes of her wheelchair Barbara
took the van alright... took the express van on the highway to heaven.....

I felt such a loss. So to young people living with the golden girls and the
elderly gents....cherish these wise funny older people.

Just a little story!

On Mon, May 3, 2021, 9:21 PM Katie Henry <katie-henry [at]> wrote:

> A cute NYT article about a teenager who accidentally moved into a senior
> apartment complex. Maybe every senior cohousing community should have a
> token teenager.
> Katie Henry
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