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Wow, thank you so much, Sharon.

If you'd like to taste-test, a team in SoFA made an amazing resource page
with lovely demo videos and all.

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> Who decides who decides? How to start a group so everyone can have a voice
> by Ted Rau
> Hot off the presses this is the best book on sociocracy for people who
> just want to get a group going or to restart one. The description says 200
> pages but don’t be cowed —it is as useful as a 100 page booklet. This is
> the short, everything book that people have been asking for for years and
> years.
> Ted and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez founded Sociocracy for All which has become a
> power house of webinars, certification programs, blogs, practice groups,
> and everything else. Sociocracy will soon be a household word! (How’s that
> for hyperbole?)
> Seriously, Ted has a way with words that relates the rather dry subject to
> the everyday feelings of not quite knowing what to do next, or if we know
> we don’t want to do it. “I’ve been there” is his frequent refrain. He
> conveys his energy and focus on getting things done. It’s a pleasure to
> read.
> The information is concise and friendly, easy to follow, explained
> clearly. Ted has perfected a system of 3 meetings to start or restart a
> group. He lays out what needs to be accomplished in each meeting to form a
> group that is focused and clear on its objective, and knows what to do
> next. He includes a number of cheat sheets to guide facilitators and
> explains the roles necessary to keep a group functioning — a leader, a
> meeting facilitator, a secretary, and an advocate who can speak for the
> group.
> I could write about this book for a long time but really, just buy it. You
> won’t be sorry.
> Sharon
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