Clifibooks: Climate Change and the Arts
From: Scott Jackson (
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 13:35:28 -0700 (PDT)
Here's an article about and link to, which is dedicated to
raising awareness of how climate change is being tackled by authors and
artists. So sit down, kick up your feet, and spend the lazy, hazy days of
summer reading about a dystopian future of climate change cataclysms that
sound more and more about the present time.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at]
Clifibooks: Climate Change and the Arts
Duende <>

Nearly a year ago I began <> to raise
awareness of how climate change is being tackled by authors and artists.
Authors' stories often reach audiences in very effective ways, and I was
surprised, once I began this big library of books, about just how many
people were writing fiction about climate change. These authors approach
the subject matter differently. Barbara Kingsolver, for instance,
penned *Flight
Behavior*, which is a modern tale of a rural Appalachian family that
discovers millions of Monarch butterflies migrating to their
valley--butterflies that have lost their normal winter home in Mexico due
to flooding and climate change. Other novelists write suspense thrillers or
dystopian and apocalytpic tales set in the future. This genre of
climate-themed literature encompasses speculative, literary, eco-, fantasy,
and science fiction and has a long legacy in the canon of climate-themed
literature, going back to early mythology and continuing into the decades
of science fiction works in the same vein, such as novels by J.G. Ballard
and Kim Stanley Robinson. Emerging in this literature are authors writing
about climate change as we understand it today.

A new database is now at the site that allows searches and sorts by author,
title, genre, and publication date. Also at the site are guest authors who
have written academic essays, contributed information about their books,
and penned articles about climate change. A growing number of interviews is
at the site as well. Today has over 150 novels, short
stories, and prose about climate change catalogued at the site. Another 40
or so books have been added in the "other environmental" category. This
latter category has a long way to go. The climate category is fairly
exhaustive, but newer titles are being added all the time.

I have recently also expanded this project to include other environmental
issues, not just climate change, as I begin to focus on nature themes in
literature and the arts overall. My newest campaign needs help from others
in the climate world. It involves bringing together artists, authors, and
readers to a public community at Google+
<>. The group
is just about a month old but is slowly growing in membership. My campaign
is to expand this community--there is none other like it at Google+--so
that a healthy public discussion about climate change and other
environmental issues in the arts and literature can help encourage and
inspire people to celebrate our nature world, preserve it, and help to
mitigate climate change. As I reported recently in the *Winnipeg Free Press*
non-fiction does a great job letting us know the facts, but fiction has the
opportunity to capture the imagination.
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