FW: Stop the Albert Clipper on Aug 28: Last Local Opportunity - New Action (MAPM)
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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 11:45:10 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Stop the Albert Clipper on Aug 28: Last Local Opportunity - New  
Action (MAPM)
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                        Action Name: Stop the Albert Clipper on Aug 28: Last 
Local Opportunity

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                        Action Mini URL: http://pjep.org/6e1d1

                                Date:  2014-08-28

                                        Event Time: 10:30 am

                                Location:  Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
121 7TH PL E
SAINT PAUL, MN, 55101-2148

                        Organization: First Unitarian Society of Mpls Social 
Justice Committee

                                More Info: http://www.mn350.org/

                        Description: MN350 and allies are calling on you to 
stand with us one more time in front of the MN Public Utilities Commission to 
stop the Alberta Clipper. They will be making their final decision to approve 
dangerous tar sand oil flow through our state putting the health and safety of 
our communities, land, water and climate in the name of business as usual and 
profit. We must keep standing and speaking to the livable world we desire and 
know we can achieve.

What: Final local hearing regarding the Alberta Clipper, Line 67 tar sands 

When: Thursday, August 28 at beginning at 10:30am please arrive by 11am

Where: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, 121 7th Pl E, St. Paul, MN

Minnesotans can testify! Please see MN350.org for more information about how to 
register by Monday, August 25! This is a product of the overwhelming public 
participation up until this point. Please sign up!

If you have any questions, please post to the wall or email tarsandsaction [at] 

Enbridge Bypass Scheme:

This is even more important now that the State Department released documents 
revealing a scheme by Enbridge to bypass the Presidential Permit process for 
expansion of its Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline.  Meaning as soon as the MN 
Public Utilities Commission gives the green light, Enbridge can pump 800,000 
barrels of dirty tar sands oil through northern Minnesota.  Learn more about 
Enbridge's switcheroo scheme here:


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