Re: Red Underlining
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 06:53:15 -0700 (PDT)
On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Philip Proefrock wrote:

> > I set up a Retrofitting article with just
> > #REDIRECT [[Retrofit Cohousing]]
> > as I read the help says and the wikipedia example Ancient Forest has
> > but it does not seem to work.  Any ideas why not.  In the editor
> > Cohousing is underlined in red dots.  Is that significant?
> I think the red underlining is from the spell checker in Firefox, rather
> than being wiki-related.  Your browser simply doesn't recognize cohousing
> as a word.  (Wiki and wikipedia are getting similarly underlined by my
> browser as I'm writing this, too.)
> Looks like it's working just fine from what I see (and I can see the wiki
> again this morning, as well).

The redirect is working for me from home (Firefox under Linux).
If I get a chance I'll try it again on the FF2 system later.
I wonder if there is something unique about having just created / edited
it that suppressed the redirection action so I could get back to it more
easily if I wanted to continue editing.

I'll also test the typo/red underline in some other form (any form?)
there. Is that a new FF2 feature? I have not seen it here and surely have
made typos on forms...

BTW , Andrew, did you put
     * Retrofitting/Retrofit Cohousing
on the main page?

You forgot to log in so the change is just attributed to
Is there an easy way relate IP addresses to registered users?

BTW2 I enjoy this wiki-L shop talk / collaborative learning how to use the
wiki.  Since there are only 9 of us here and still getting started, having
one common "channel" is useful.  We do of course have the alternative of
using the wiki "talk" pages for more targeted (per article) discussion.

BTW3 I'm currently trying to work out how I can productively work on a
different computer (call it "Vgc" - the one with FF2) a few blocks from
here so I can be with a friend with Parkinson's.  I'm working toward
having always current copies of much of my hard disk on a flash drive and
efficient ways to access them.  This is my current priority extra project
so wiki efforts are secondary for me at the moment. Vgc is a windows XP
system.  Anyone familiar with XP that I could consult occasionally?


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