RE: advertising
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 11:42 CDT
 horner andrew w  wrote about advertising on internet and on this list

Since I am not well versed in internet protocol I would like to ask a 
question.  I just received an "ad" for units for sale at the Winslow 
Cohousing Community.  I was asked to place it on this mailing list 
since it seems an obvious place to reach people.  Of course that was 
before all the barrage about the Shasta gig. The ad describes their 
community and its amenities and is one paragraph in length.

So, yes or no, Would it be OK for cohousing groups to inform others on 
this list that they have units for sale. (I guess I've already done that huh?)

So, yes or no, Is it OK for forming cohousing groups to solicit members 
on this list?

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