RE: advertising
From: Jim_Snyder-Grant . LOTUS (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 12:41 CDT
I'd be happy to see information on this list about openings in existing 
cohousing communities, and people trying to start cohousing groups.  On the 
other hand, I was mildly put off by the EARTH-CAMP-ONE ad, but since it was so 
willing to present itself as an ad in format & content, I was quickly able to 
delete it after a scan. My vote? Some ads are OK here, as long as they are open 
about being ads, and are directly related to cohousing. I'd distribute the 
control: describe the policy in the sign-up document, and then have members 
flood inappropriate posters & their postmasters with specific complaints. 

I think many of us are engaged in seeking to create complex economic acts 
between consenting adults: that's the "real-estate development" part of 
cohousing. I'm happy to see for-profit businesses find a way to participate in 
this conspiracy to commit community, and to use this list to participate. As 
long as posters intents are clear, I'm willing to see ads from people that are 
specifically acting to support the goals of cohousing, as long as I can tell 
with a quick scan that they are ads so I can delete them easily if they don't 
interest me. I understand, though, that there may be NSF or other policies that 
prohibit ads. If that's so, or if the general feeling of the group is opposed 
to any ads, then that's OK with me too: I'm just as willing to read ads in 
Cohousing magazines, instead of on-line. 
-Jim Snyder-Grant, New View Cohousing

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