CoHousing-J suggestions from Rob
From: DLinde (
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 94 12:11 CDT
Thanks Rob for a thoughtful list of issues/questions 
relating to legal forms and financing.  For some time now I 
have perceived a need for a systematic presentation of these 
issues in in the journal (with lots of examples from 
existing communities).  It's quite complicated, and a 
thorough treatment would require far more space than we 
generally set aside for a feature in the magazine.  Still, 
it's something we've started to think about, and we'll 
probably end up producing some kind of report by the end of 
this year as a supplement to articles in the journal.  In 
the meantime, as Rob mentioned, the articles that have 
appeared in Growing Community (numbers 2-5) are very 
worthwhile.  (Growing Community, 1118 Round Butte Drive, 
Ft. Collins CO  80524; $18/year; back issues $5)
Rob, your suggestion that we need to include more references 
with our feature articles is well taken.  We need to do 
better, and hopefully we will.
--Don Lindemann (DLINDE [at] AOL.COM)

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