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From: William Johnson (0005638134mcimail.com)
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 94 15:06 CDT
Subject: Intentional Community in Denver

Brent Rollings wrote:
> We are all Anglicans/Episcopalians/Catholics of one strip or another. When
> Sandy Bodzin said, "The idea of sharing true "community" is appealing to
> me but far more so if I share a common ideological base
> with those who would be my neighbors.", she hit upon the reason for the
> formation of Shepherd's Gate.

Can you help me visualize Shepherd's Gate?   ... # of floors, unit sizes, etc?
In what ballpark were the costs?   ... purchase, renovation, costs per family?

Most importantly, can you elaborate on the "common ideological base" at
Shepherd's Gate?

William Johnson
5638134 [at] mcimail.com
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