Re: We're Looking for a Home!
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 12:22 CDT
Davis meets some of your criteria - there are two suburban cohousing 
communites, it's a fairly liberal/progressive town, there is a Waldorf
school, there are two pretty decent law schools (King Hall and McGeorge)
withing commuting distance.  

In general, it's probably a bit difficult to move into a community in a
convenient way.  Here at N-Street, we have not had any openings in several
years because all opportunites have been taken up from within the 
community (eg a house becomes available but gets taken by somebody's 
single room-mate who moves in there with her boyfriend).  Muir Commons has
had several houses for sale but I don't know how often they are available.

Stuart Staniford-Chen
N Street Cohousing.
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