Ground Source Heat Pumps
From: Jeffrey O. Hobson (
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 94 14:57 CST
Hey folks, some late-breaking news on Ground-Source Heat Pumps.  According
to the September 1994 edition of _Energy Design Update_, some of the DX
systems (ones which use refrigerant, not water, as the heat exchange medium)
are having troubles with high energy costs and poor performance.  EDU
specifically mentioned those manufactured by US Power systems, and installed
by Baltic Engineering of Saco, Maine.  They indicate that the problem is
probably with the ground-loop heat exchanger design.

The same EDU issue also lists several manufacturers involved in GSHP
production, a DX GSHP water heater, and a "Dual-source" (ground & air) heat
pump - possibly cheaper than other GSHP's.  

To get a reprint, contact:

nednisson [at]                        EDU editor
Cutter Information Corp.                        (Circulation office)
37 Broadway, Suite 1
Arlington MA 02174-5552

The article lists addresses of several heat pump manufacturers.

Jeff Hobson

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