From: Daniel Nachbar (
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 94 10:03 CST
Greetings all. My name is Dan Nachbar. I live in the 32 unit cohousing
community in Amherst, MA. (We are sometimes called "Pioneer Valley CoHousing"
sometimes "Cherry Hill CoHousing" but we've been too busy building and moving
to bother fussing with a permenant name.)  I've been a subscriber to this
list for the last month or so, but haven't bothered posting due to technical
details getting my machine to talk to the list server. So for the time
being I'll be using my "nachbar [at]" account.

I served as Treasurer of our group during development and construction. So
I'll probably be focusing my "two cents" on the financial/logistic aspects
of our project.  I'll also be playing laison for some other community members
who don't have direct access to the net yet.

I look forward to participating in this fine (at least until i joined) group.

Dan Nachbar
nachbar [at]

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