RE: Affordability of cohousing
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 94 13:46 CST
>Sounds very interesting.  Could you direct me towards more information about
>these folks?

Teramanto is listed in the directory of intentional communities.

>I am somewhat surprised that they
>could raise $45k in donations for a shared house (how much of that money was
>in "services", how much donations?).  Is that unusual, or do I just have a
>limited imagination?

This was not done all at once, but over a 4 year period.  If I remember 
right it took them 3 years to build the first house.  The current house 
project has been under way for over two years now and is framed and 
roofed, with power in.  As they get more capital they will do the sheet 

The co-op preschool which my daughters both attended raises several 
thousand dollars each year by going to local businesses and solicting 
donations of materials and services. They then auction these off.  For 
example a local contractor gave 1 day of 2 carpenters labor. It went 
for $165.  A load of gravel from a local truck hauling firm went for 
$150.  You get the idea.


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