Re: RE: Affordability of cohousing
From: Chase3 (
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 94 23:29 CST
>sectors to build the first house, used the value of the first house to 
>raise capital for the second house.  

>Sounds very interesting.  Could you direct me towards more information about
these folks?

>Currently involved in a homeless shelter which is struggling to raise$20-30k
per year in operating expenses, I am somewhat surprised that they could raise
$45k in donations for a shared house (how much of that money wasin
"services", how much donations?).  Is that unusual, or do I just have a
limited imagination?

Hi I'm am with CARC - Chesapeake Area Recovery Communities in Baltimore Md.
-.  Since we started three years ago we have acquired and rehabbed 12 twelve
houses. by buying a house renovating it and cashing put and reinvesting the
money in a new houses. In Nov of 1992 we opened a 20 person SRO, the rent is
$60 a week, for people coming from the street, court and detox's. It is
operated and managed by the residents. Presently the parent group only role
is to assist in the the teaching of community building. - are primary
population is alcoholics and addicts who wish to live in a sober lving

I hope this get to you since I am rellatively new to this.
      Chase Ridgely CARC 
CARC address is carc [at]


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