RE: Reading minutes at the end of the meeting
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 10:08 CST
John Gear added to my post about reading minutes at the end of the meeting:

>Not sure I agree that the time to do this is at the end of a meeting.  After
>a hard two-hour workout most people are done in and not necessarily very
>attentive to the reviews.

What I have observed in organizations which do this effectively is that 
only the decisions or agreements are actually read, not the whole text 
of the minutes.  Also, a quick review of any action items generated at 
the meeting and who they are assigned to.  When I have observed this in 
organizations that do it, it takes about 3 minutes or less, unless 
there is a glitch, in which it may take another 5, rarely more.

Another method, is to do this during the meeting.  Before the group 
moves on to the next agenda item, have the note taker read what was 
decided, what action items came out of that agenda item and who is 
assigned to them.  This is actually better in that it catches any 
wording problems immediately while everyone's head is still wrapped 
around the issue or decision.  Yet another way of doing this is for the 
note taker to write their notes up on the black board or on the easel 
so everyone can see it during break.

Also I would encourage groups to hold some sort of revitalization at 
the end of the meeting.  Do a group activity, a stretch, a shoulder 
rub, a group sigh, group yell, whatever to release some energy and 
revitalize the group.

Rob Sandelin
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