Timeline Game
From: fassnach (fassnachssc.wisc.edu)
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 95 15:53 CST
  I know this doesn't pertain to any of the current threads, but it
is what is of concern to our group just at the moment.
  I am planning to present the Timeline Game to our group, based on
what I learned at the Cohousing Conference.  Now that I look at my
notes, I see that they're a bit incomplete.  I do seem to recall a post a
while back that indicated that the Timeline Game may now be available
from Bruce Coldham (sp?) at a much lower cost than when it originally
came out.  Does anyone have information on what the current cost
and availability of this learning aid is?
Stephanie Fassnacht
Porchlight Cohousing, Madison WI
fassnach [at] ssc.wisc.edu

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