My Bio
From: Alan Carpenter (acarpentDirect.CA)
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 16:15 CDT
Name:   Alan Carpenter
Birthdate:      13/7/48
E-Mail: acarpent [at] Direct.CA
Home Address:   16580 - 78A Ave. Surrey, B.C., Canada, V3S 7V3
Community (if any):     Eco Village Association in South Surrey
Location:       20 miles East of Vancouver, B.C.
Stage of Development:   Option on 16 acres, doing feasiblity studies
What I do for money:  Cohousing Development consultant
What I do for fun:    Squash, tennis, hiking and Cohousing
Favorite thing about community: Having my friends close by
Worst thing about community:    Difficulty in getting it started
If I was in charge I would:     Have all land zoned "Eco Village" and give all
developers a hand out on how use the "Cohousing"
model for neighborhood design. 

Best Wishes,
Alan Carpenter
acarpent [at] Direct.CA

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