Urban Sprawl...etc..etc..
From: Bruce Miller (bmillernzonline.ac.nz)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 03:07:34 -0600
One of the prime reason I am attracted to Cohousing (and am
willing to wade through the daily deluge of mail on this List)
is because I see so many negative aspects to the concentrated
urban environment.
I hope that Coho can provide a vehicle, with which some people
can be confortable, for founding real neighbourhoods where people
are consious of one another.
I expect Coho to extend sprawl to the point where the description
of "urban" must be reconsidered.
Here in New Zealand, I live in a small town (50,000) with farms
right up the back doors. Some "life style blocks" are openning up
but the Regional Council won't allow subdivision of much land
without an economic use plan for maintaining the land in "usful" 
production. The result is that the 1/4 acre lots in town are now 
being carved up into two or three smaller sites for "units".
These are targetted at an older market, no lawn (no maintenance),
2bdrm etc...
I hate it, but they sell like hot cakes.

So if I could encourage more sprawl, I would. 

Bruce K. Miller      Tel/FAX: 06-751-0743
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