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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:29:46 -0600
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> Subject: Common House Design

> ... one of the members in our group (who's not on line)
> asked me to share this with you all and get your response:
> "I'm inclined to think that sewing rooms, craft rooms, reading rooms, and
> kids rooms are part of most common houses and yet seem universally underused.
>  Whom are we trying to impress?  I think we should forget about things that
> sound wholesome and and start think about things that sizzle!  A workout room
> comes to mind.  How about an indoor/outdoor swimming pool?  I think we should
> think of ourselves as country club managers trying to attract new members.
>  An electronic game room, mini TV theatres...
> Along these lines I would ask the following heretical question:  Given that
> it might be used for dinner only 2 nights a week, is there justification for
> immediately building a kitchen and/or dining room in our common house?
At Kenney Ridge we are working on a shoestring and rehabbing the old
farmhouse on our land. We're knocking out a wall to make a big room which
can be used for dinners, meetings, dance/yoga classes, ping-pong or whatever
by using foldup furniture.

Dan Everett
Kenney Ridge Community
Athens, GA


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