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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 16:39:55 -0600

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995 JPCOACH [at] wrote:

> "I'm inclined to think that sewing rooms, craft rooms, reading rooms, and
> kids rooms are part of most common houses and yet seem universally underused.
> [how about] An electronic game room, mini TV theatres...
> it might be used for dinner only 2 nights a week, is there justification for
> immediately building a kitchen and/or dining room in our common house?
> Who out there has tried to have dinner 6 nights  a week?  How many times do
> you have it now?  Do you wish you sacrificed yoiur dining room for a workout
> room?"

Here at Winslow, we have dinner 5 nights a week (M-Th + Sun) winter, 4 in 
summer (M-W + Sun), and occasionally used for private or of cohouse 
something (party or group function) on one of the off nights.

Kids room: used by kids, as rumpus room.  Main impediment to using it 
more, or for anything else, is poor acoustics.  Are developing plans to 
fix acoustics,  use some of the space for reading and crafts, the latter 
a place where a project can be left out for longer than until the next 
meal or meeting, the problem with using the dining room.

"Reading room".  We have an isolated room above the kitchen, nominally a 
reading/video room, that is used for:
- small meetings
- Practice room; LOUD instruments like resident trap drum set, saxophone, 
  rock combo.  Good sound isolation, these things too loud to practice 
  at home, at least after bed time
- Excercise?  Excercise equipment has taken up residence; Nordic Track, 
  stationary bike.  I don't know if it's being used now, was being used at 
  one time.

Arne, Winslow CoHousing

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