FAQ suggestion
From: jackie wallis (wallisMcs.Net)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 15:05:27 -0600
I've been seeing many questions being asked on this list with
several responses coming back that say: "Thanks for all the info
you sent..." 

I do thank those that have respond to the list, and I do understand
those that email privately, not wanting to clutter the list.
However, I, too, want to know about kitchen designs, operating
budget samples, large-group recipes, children in cohousing, and all
the rest of the stuff that start-up and pre-build groups need to
know and keep re-asking all the time. 

So, I have a suggestion... I have a set of web pages for my
pre-build group:
I would be happy to post answers to these kinds of questions there,
kind of a detailed FAQ list.  If folks would forward the email that
they received I will format it, and put it up for all to see, and
if more info comes available it can be appended.  Or does somebody
have this already and I've just missed it?

Or do folks object to their email to the list being posted to the

Stephanie Fassnacht <fassnach [at] ssc.wisc.edu> would you be agreeable
in sending to me the responses you received on "my request for
recipes/cookbook for large-groups" and the responses you received
from "design of kitchen area"?

Michael Mariner <mykano [at] fone.net> would you be able to send along 
the responses you get back from "Marketing Materials for Shared
Purchasing of a Coho Home"?  My group also has a couple members that
have _very_ tight budgets and this may solve their problem.

And, anybody else that has a frequently asked question, with
responses, I'd be happy to put them up.

Jackie Wallis
wallis [at] mcs.net
DuPage Cohousing Association

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