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Greetings from Cambridge Cohousing in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

Our first seven families have moved in, four of them with children under =
12.  Here's a quote from one mom, Sharon Hamer:

"The dream is reality!  Yesterday the Melvin-Rochlins moved in.  Not 5 =
minutes after the last mover walked out the door and drove away, Nora (Ha=
mer-Curran) and Civry (Melvin-Rochlin)  got their bikes out and started =
riding up and down the temporary, roughly paved spine in the East End lik=
e it was the Daytona 500.  It was exactly for times like that that we dec=
ided to join Cambridge Cohousing.  I can't wait for everyone to move in..=
..east, west and middle."  (A total of 41 households, one third of whom =
have children under 15.)

Another comment came at our general meeting today:  At a committee meetin=
g being held in the East End, Nora arrived at the neighbor's unit where =
the meeting was being held, looking for her great it is for a =
4-1/2 year old to be able to run up the path to get mom (usually unheard =
of in city living, except in cohousing).

And this is just the beginning!

peggyblum [at]

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